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Tips on Getting Out of Debt

Today, many people find themselves in significant debt due to a job loss, the weak economy, unforeseen expenses or simply careless overspending. Here are some tips on getting out of debt you can use to help pay down your debt and get relief, no matter how your debt accumulated.

Pay down your credit cards – Start paying down your credit card with the highest interest rate first. Put as much money as you can into paying down that card and pay the minimum on the rest. When that card is paid off, put the money you were paying for that first card toward the next highest interest credit card.  Repeat this until all your credit cards have been paid off.

Create a budget – Devise a practical budget by listing all your monthly bills and expenses and making sure that your monthly take-home income covers all of them.  Carefully evaluate your expenses and see where you can make cuts.  Especially examine your discretionary expenses such as going out to eat, shopping for non-essential items, etc.

Contact your creditors – Sometimes creditors will lower your interest rate simply by asking. They want their money and don't want to resort to debt collectors so they may be willing to work with you.

Make extra money – Whether you work a second a job or sell some of your old stuff online, any extra money can go towards paying down your debt.
Stop using your credit cards – Avoid getting more into debt.  Look at your budget and make sure to spend only what you can truly afford.

Look for ways to save – Cook instead of dining out. Use your old TV instead of purchasing a new one.  Rent a movie from the library instead of going to a theatre.  Use coupons.  All these little things can add up to extra money in your pocket you can use to pay down your debt.

Take advantage of balance transfer offers – If you have high interest credit cards look for special low interest balance transfer offers. Be sure to review the transfer fees though to make sure it is worth it in the long run.

By using these debt relief tips, you will be on your way to becoming debt free.  If you still find yourself in serious debt, contact us to learn more about our debt settlement services. Request your FREE consultation by filling out our form or call 1 (888) DEBT–530 (332-8530).  Don't wait.  Contact us now to find out how our consumer debt relief programs can help you regain control of your financial future.

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