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Medical Bill Debt Relief

If you are buried in medical bills, the last thing you need is the added stress of bankruptcy. Let Premier Debt Solvers' medical bill debt relief program settle your medical bills so that you can become debt free fast.

Health care is expensive and many individuals and families have unpaid doctor, lab and hospital bills.  If this is your situation, we can help. Medical bills are considered unsecured debt and are eligible for our medical debt relief program.

Our medical bill debt relief program is a debt settlement process that can reduce the amount you owe by at least 50% in most cases.  We will negotiate with your creditors to settle your medical bills and customize a reasonable payment plan for the balance.

Unlike Medical Bill Debt Consolidation, We Settle Medical Bills

Unlike medical bill debt consolidation, our program does not involve taking out one loan to pay another.  Nor does it require any collateral or home ownership.  With our medical debt relief program we actually reduce your total debt, usually by half.  Any remaining debt can be paid back in a convenient payment plan that can range in time from a few months to as long as 60 months.  You'll avoid bankruptcy, get creditors off your back, reduce your stress and be on your way to rebuilding your credit and your peace of mind.

Our Medical Debt Relief Programs are the Debt Consolidation Alternative

Learn more about our medical debt relief programs. Request your FREE consultation by filling out our form or call 1 (888) DEBT – 530 (332-8530).  Don't wait.  Contact us now to find out how our consumer debt relief programs can help you regain control of your financial future. 

Debts We Can Settle
  • Credit cards
  • Unsecured loans, personal loans, or lines of credit
  • Medical bills
  • Collections or repossessions
  • Business Debts

Debts We Can't Settle
  • Lawsuits
  • IRS debt or back taxes
  • Utility bills
  • Auto loans, government loans, or student loans
  • Mortgages or home loans
  • Other secured debts